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If the price field is empty, you can make an offer to buy the work.

If it says true above, this songwriter is collaborating! You can compose the lyrics.




Dün gece anılara, dalıp yine ağladım 

Mazi canlandı birden,kendimi tutamadım 

Dün gece yıldızlara, bakıp yine ağladım 

O güzel gözlerini yeniden hatırladım...


Ağlattın beni vefasız 

Terk edince zamansız 

Ağlattın beni vicdansız 

Bırakınca sevdasız ... 

Dün gece uykulara, küsüp yine ağladım 

Yatağım diken oldu,uzanıp yatamadım 

Dün gece rüyalara,dalıp uyuyamadım 

Dualar edip durdum,teselli bulamadım...

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Thank you for posting!

Terms of Use

Fill out the form above completely. Enter the price determined by the songwriter of the song you are considering purchasing.

Do not enter missing or incorrect numbers!

After your payment, you cannot use this work until you receive a letter of consent.

The songwriter may have given up on selling his work, or he may have sold it to someone else without informing us. In such a case, the fee you paid will be refunded.

When you purchase the work, the fee paid is under the assurance of ST Yapım until the approval is received from the owner of the work. After the consent process, all responsibility belongs to the songwriter and Beste Bank is responsible for this purchase until the consent is received. Apart from this, he has no responsibility.

You accept the above terms in advance.

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Send Composition Request

If the songwriter's page does not say "collaboration", you cannot compose lyrics for that artist.

Composition Request

Thank you for posting!

Give offer

Give offer

Thank you for posting!

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