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  • What does Beste Bank do?
    Composition Bank is a free platform where you display your compositions for sale.
  • Is Beste Bank charged?
    Composition Bank is completely free and unlimited.
  • Do you sell my compositions?
    We do not sell your compositions, we exhibit them for sale and offer a platform for their promotion.
  • How will I sell my compositions?
    When we add your compositions to the system, we send a notification message and inform more than 3 thousand people who have downloaded the Beste Bankası Mobile application. Apart from this, we promote our site with social media advertisements and ensure that thousands of people see Beste Bank every day. With these advertisements and notifications, those looking for compositions on the site inform us of the works they like through the form, and we contact you to find out the price of your work and inform it to the buyer. If the two parties agree, we collect 15% of the determined fee from the author as a service fee.
  • What if my compositions/lyrics are stolen?
    Remember that there is a possibility that your compositions and lyrics may be stolen, and do not add your works to the Composition Bank without claiming them through a notary or digital certification. Beste Bank has clearly stated in the terms of use of the site that it does not accept any responsibility in case of theft of works, and those who become members of the site have accepted these terms in advance.
  • What is Tastic and what does it do?
    The ownership of the works is proven by a document obtained from a notary or with a digital time stamp. This process is called confirmation. If you have your works certified in your name, you officially prove that you are the owner of that work. Using or stealing it without your knowledge is a crime according to intellectual property law.
  • How do I certify?
    You can have your works certified by a notary. In addition to this method, which is not preferred due to the high notary fees, digital certification at an affordable fee is more preferred today. Digital verification can be done on our website through Beste Bank's solution partnership and cooperation with Eser Kendi's site. Additionally, if you choose and purchase any Gold Membership package within the scope of Beste Bank paid membership, we can certify your works on your behalf. Gold Membership: Eser Attestation:
  • You say it's free, but there are many paid options, why?
    Beste Bank is a commercial platform. Adding works, publishing them for sale, and hosting services, which are direct services to the authors, are completely free and unlimited. Work approval, highlighting, demo making, writing notes, etc. within the scope of these services. The services are in the professional services category and members are not obliged to purchase these services.
  • Can I add lyrics to the site?
    You can add your lyrics to the Composition Bank unlimitedly and free of charge. Lyrics ekle: If you state the price, your works will be sold online in this area:
  • How to sell lyrics
    Although lyrics seem less likely to be sold than compositions, they are an indispensable element in providing resources to composers. When the lyrics are discovered and composed by composers, the songwriter becomes half-right in the composition offered for sale. It is shared by the songwriter and composer of this composition as agreed.
  • How can I trust you?
    Best Bank contents are published by the owners with the assumption that they belong to them and are approved by them. Composers and songwriters who create the content of our site must certify their works and add them to the system. Composers and songwriters who do not provide this protection and who add unapproved works despite the warnings of the Beste Bank site accept the responsibility of plagiarism. They are deemed to have accepted in advance that they will comply with the terms and rules clearly stated in Beste Bank's terms of use when becoming a member of the site. When compositions and lyrics are added to the site, they acknowledge that they are the authors of the work and that publishing the works of others is an intellectual crime. Therefore, these works, which are published and offered for sale by Beste Bank, cannot be sold or used in albums without the permission and consent of the owner. Using unauthorized works in this way constitutes a violation of intellectual rights. As a result, there is no reason not to trust Beste Bankası. It is necessary for our author members, who will receive a share of the income from digital platforms, to make a contract with Beste Bank in order to earn money. The bilateral contract with Beste Bank is a legal guarantee.
  • Do you compose my lyrics?
    Best Bank displays song lyrics for sales purposes only. Composers who are members of our site and are interested in your song lyrics can contact the owners and say that they want to compose their works, and can compose them if the song owner has permission.
  • What can I do to sell compositions and lyrics?
    First of all, you must be a member of the Beste Bank website. After becoming a member, you can send your works using the send lyrics or send composition fields in our menu. Make sure your works are certified. Remember that your uncertified works may be stolen. You can certify your works from the work certification section on our website. Work certification:
  • Do we certify the works?
    This can be done in two ways. First of all, if you wish, you can have your work certified by a notary or a company that does digital certification. (You can also digitally verify it yourself with a 10% discount coupon on our website) The second method is to purchase the Gold Membership package from Beste Bank's paid memberships and we can certify 1 to 10 of your works on your behalf at once or within the package period.
  • How will I earn money from the composition I submit?
    The works you add to the Composition Bank are exhibited for sale and announced to thousands of people through advertisements. You will earn money by selling these works. Another way to earn money is the Digital Earning Members option. Whether the composition is sold or not, after you make a contract with us to earn money from your work, we turn your works into income by publishing them on digital platforms. As our Digital Earning member, you can learn how to turn your works into profit from the Digital Earnings questions.
  • Is notarization required?
    No, it is not necessary. Apart from notary approval, it is sufficient to certify your work with a time stamp (digital certification). You can also digitally certify your works on our website.
  • Since I had no knowledge of notes, I had my lyrics certified along with the guitar chords by the notary, but I heard that it was not enough for the melodies. Is it true? If true, what should I do for this?
    Audio recordings of the compositions are sufficient for digital certification, but they are not sufficient for the notary as the chords do not indicate the melody, so the notes and lyrics must be written. If you cannot write a note, you must have it printed (available among our paid services) and notarized. Since notary fees are expensive, we recommend digital certification and we help our members by giving them a special 10% discount coupon. In addition, by purchasing one of the Gold Membership packages included in our paid membership, we certify the packages on your behalf, one by one, in the quantities and within the stipulated time, throughout your membership.
  • How can we deliver the composition to you?
    You can send your compositions by clicking the Send Composition menu on our website. Send Composition: g%C3%B6nder
  • Will we record for a fee?
    No, our site is completely free and unlimited. Paid services are our extra services.
  • I added my works to the system, why are they not sold?
    There may be more than one reason why your works are not selling. It is not suitable for market conditions. The fee you specify for your works may be too high depending on market conditions. If it is a composition: The recording and performance of your composition may not be understandable. (In this case, you can attract more attention by having a demo on our site.) Lyrics: The way you handle your subjects (spelling errors, syllable meter, etc.) may not be suitable for composing. Your work may be lost among thousands of works and difficult to see, waiting for a buyer. What you can do to make your works visible. You can subscribe to publish your works on the front pages. You can attract attention by adding your works to the featured pages. You can publish your sponsored works on the front page and welcome buyers with your works.
  • Who listens to the compositions and evaluates them?
    No evaluation, everyone has the right to publish their compositions freely.
  • I have compositions, but they are not in the form of demo recordings, there is no infrastructure, can we send them this way?
    With naked voice if you wish. If you wish, you can send your work by playing it with an instrument, by having it played, by reading it, or by having it read. To add a composition to the Composition Bank, it does not have to have an infrastructure or demo, but it must be musically listenable. You can get information about demo and infrastructure from the Our Services menu. DemoMatik: -packages
  • Who's buying?
    We send works as they are added to our Android application installed on more than 3 thousand phones We also promote Beste Bank with advertisements. Artists, arrangers, music directors who work in music, and those who see our platform thanks to advertisements who know the Composition Bank apply to buy or add compositions.
  • How do we upload the song?
    To upload your composition, you will use the Submit Composition option on our site. Your songs will be in mp3 format. If you try to add a video link, it cannot be uploaded.
  • How do I know I sent the song?
    When you send it, we will process it and you will be notified.
  • "Do you only accept Turkish language, or can it be Kurdish or any other language?"
    You are responsible for the content of your works. You can add works in all languages as long as they do not contain offensive words.
  • What is the difference between the I Sell field?
    The I Sell area is a kind of visualization tool for your works. It allows you to set a price for your works and exhibit them in this area for a month, eliminating the waiting period for anyone who wishes to purchase them immediately. When you add your works to the "I sell" area, we mark these works as "I buy". We add it to the area and it is displayed here for sale for a month. Anyone who wishes can instantly purchase and download the work for the purpose of use.
  • What is Digital Earnings?
    It is the financial income obtained from the publication of compositions and lyrics on digital platforms.
  • What does digital earning member mean?
    Our members who publish their compositions and lyrics on digital platforms and earn income from this are Digital Earning Members.
  • How to become a digital profitable member?
    Everyone who is a member of Composition Bank has the right to convert compositions and lyrics into digital income and no additional fee is charged for this. Members who want to earn income from digital platforms download the Agreement on our Digital Earnings page, fill it in two copies, sign it and send it to the address of ST Production Company. After the contract is made, the person downloads and fills out the lyrics and compositions that he/she wants to earn from the lyrics (lyricists), lyrics-music (composers) consent forms on the Digital Earnings page, then writes the names of one or more works in the works section, signs them and sends them to the ST Production Company address. Based on this agreement and consent, Beste Bank begins to publish the works on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and hundreds of digital platforms, and the owners of the works begin to receive the progress payments specified in the contract in 3-month periods.
  • How will I earn digital income from my lyrics?
    Your poems and lyrics will be made into a video by Beste Bank, and your poem will be prepared in your own voice or in writing, and will be displayed on an instrumental music we have prepared. Income will come from views on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes etc. On digital platforms, the instrumental music we add will turn into income. This music will be the soundtrack of your work and your other lyrics will be made and published as new videos accompanied by this music. According to the sharing specified in the contract, you will be earning income from this instrumental work published on both YouTube and other digital platforms.
  • How much will I earn from the digital platform?
    Digital platform revenues generate income in various areas such as clicks, views and downloads. Although these revenues are small, the number will naturally increase with large views. Since a work that starts generating income once will generate income indefinitely, the more works are added and shared and listened to, watched, the more it has the opportunity to earn serious profits in the long run.
  • Do you need professional registration for digital earnings?
    No. It is sufficient for your works to be recorded in understandable quality and accompanied by at least one instrument.
  • The lyrics are mine, but can I make money from someone else's composition?
    It is also possible to earn digital income from works whose lyrics are yours or whose compositions are written by someone else. Since we will make the contract with you, you will be our contact person. If the composition belongs to you, when you fill out the pro field contract, you will be deemed to have given the composer's consent and you will be deemed to have accepted permission from the songwriter. When requested, you will have the songwriter fill out and sign the consent form. If you are a songwriter, you will have given your songwriter consent with this membership. We will assume that the composer has permission, and when requested, you will send us the composer's consent form after having it filled out and signed by the composer. In these cases, you will have the opportunity to turn your work into income on digital platforms.
  • What is the Pro Domain Agreement? Do I have to sign it?
    Pro Domain Agreement, in its main sense, is a document that determines the receivables and rights of the work owners and that we, in agreement with you, have the right to upload your works to the system. With the Distance Agreement, you give us your consent to add your works to digital music platforms. With this agreement, the income obtained from your works is exempt from the "producer's right". We accept that you will receive a share. You also transfer the publishing rights of your works to us for profit. Our company concludes this agreement in order to ensure that the authors can add their works safely. It is mandatory to make a contract to obtain digital platform income from the works. Permissions of the authors are the responsibility of the contracting party.
  • Will we re-make the contract every time we send a work?
    No. Only the Pro Field Agreement form is filled out during the first application. There is no need to fill out a contract for works to be sent from now on.
  • What is a consent deed?
    This is the permission document given to our company so that the author's works can be published on digital platforms. With the permission certificate, there is no transfer of rights other than the right to monetize the work on digital platforms. It is the standard practice of all music companies. With the Pro Domain Agreement, you are deemed to have given this as a distance contract, but if a part of the work (Lyrics/music) belongs to someone else, you accept responsibility in advance on behalf of that part and you agree in advance to give the other person's consent (including your own) when requested.
  • Will I send a new letter of consent for each work?
    With Pro Area Membership, you are deemed to have given consent in accordance with the distance contract. You do not need to give consent for each work, but you agree in advance that if requested, you will give it to us by obtaining consent from you and the other partner of the work, if any.
  • Can I terminate my Pro Domain Membership at any time?
    After becoming a Pro Alan member, you cannot terminate your contract for at least one (1) year. When you want to terminate your membership, you will inform customer services that you want to terminate your membership by sending an e-mail one (1) month before the end of one year. Termination of your membership means that you give up receiving producer's share from the works you send to digital platforms, and you cannot receive producer's share from your works through Beste Bank (ST Yapım), but you will continue to receive the copyrights of your works from the professional associations you are affiliated with (Mesam MSG Miyorbir).
  • When I terminate my membership, can I have my works removed from the system?
    No. With Pro Domain Membership, you transfer the right to earn money from your works on digital platforms to Beste Bankası (ST Yapım). The property rights of your works belong to you forever, but it is not possible to remove your recorded works that you send to digital music platforms with the Pro Domain Agreement (the recorded version sent to us) since you have transferred the distribution and publishing rights to us. You can resell the same work in a different arrangement or release it from other companies.
  • Why should I publish my works with you?
    If you have an agreement with any music company and can publish your works on digital music platforms, you do not need to make a Pro Domain Agreement with us, but when any music production company adds your works to digital music platforms, they will not give you 75% of the producer's share. You receive royalties from the professional associations you are affiliated with (Mesam MSG and Miyorbir). Apart from this right, with Pro Area Membership, you are entitled to receive 75% of the producer income from us.
  • My digital income is very low, what should I do?
    Digital platforms are a source of motivation for artists to earn money, but like every artist, their works should be protected and efforts should be made to advertise and promote them well. Works earn different profits on various platforms. Some platforms apply prices based on downloads, some based on listening and downloading, and some based on views and advertisements received. For this reason, the works must be followed and promoted as necessary and an audience must be created. Detailed examination of the reports sent or to be sent to you and determining how to invest and advertise on which platforms in line with those reports will lead to increased earnings. Do not forget that the lives of many artists have changed with the success of a song.
  • Can you make a demo?
    Yes, we also provide demo, professional album, single and video clip services. For detailed information, visit our Services page.
  • If a demo is done, is there a fee?
    Yes, the demo is a paid service. To have a demo, you can review our DemoMatik application on our Services page.
  • What is the most affordable demo registration fee?
    With our DemoMatik application, you can have your works demoed at the price ranges you set. In the shopping logic, you can add live instruments, soloists, and arrangements to your cart and purchase them and have your demos made.
  • There is no need for him to be a soloist, I'll tell you, is this possible?
    Of course it is possible. If you live in Istanbul, you can record your work in our studio, if you are outside Istanbul, you can record it in your country or city on the demo infrastructure we will send you (if possible, in a studio there or at your home if you have the opportunity). By sending your singing recording to us, we will mix it and deliver your demo to you.
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